Andromeda Gardens

Andromeda Gardens in Barbados

Andromeda Gardens is named after the Greek Goddess because, like its namesake, it is chained to the rock. For these Gardens, it is the coral stone rock of the east coast of Barbados to which they are tethered! Andromeda Botanic Gardens is THE culturally significant garden in Barbados and is an important part of Barbados' heritage. Andromeda Gardens was established by multi-award winning Iris Bannochie (1914-1988) and her husband at the time Dr Harry Bayley around her home in St Joseph. This garden contains an unparalleled collection of different plants from many other tropical and sub-tropical locations, either collected by Iris Bannochie herself, or given to her as gifts. Mrs Bannochie was the foremost horticulturalist in Barbados and, in 1977, was awarded the prestigious Veitch Medal by the Royal Horticultural Society, United Kingdom. Winner of multiple gold medals at the famous Chelsea Flower Show, Ms Bannochie was also the recipient of the Silver Crown of Merit awarded by the Barbadian Government. She bequeathed Andromeda Gardens to the Barbados National Trust in 1988 so that her legacy could live on and be enjoyed by visitors from within Barbados and around the globe.

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