Scuba Diving in Barbados

If you are a person who is into adventures Barbados is the place for you. Scuba diving in Barbados is the activiy that will make you bond with the Atlantic and learn about it’s mysterious flora and fauna. The wildlife you will see there will make you feel like a small part our planet, because you will see things you haven’t even dreamt of. So to sum it up – if you love adventures and have a passion for the unknown, Barbados is the place for you.

Reefers & Wreckers

Reefers and Wreckers in Barbados

As Scuba Instructors we can open hearts and minds to the hidden beauty of nature's creation and our obligation is to protect it.
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Roger's Scuba Shack

Roger's Scuba Shack in Barbados

The Scuba Shack is the perfect place to pursue your interest in scuba diving and underwater exploration in the clear blue waters around Barbados.
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West Side Scuba Centre

West Side Scuba Centre in Barbados

Dive West Side Scuba, established in 1993, is situated in the historic site of the Garrison Savannah near to the beautiful Marine Park Carlisle Bay on the South Coast of Barbados.
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